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Animal Sculptures

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A small selection of animal sculptures in our Mapiti collection.

Our collection of sculptures of animals

Welcome to ZimHolidayandArt.com, your gateway to the vibrant world of Zimbabwean art, sculpture, painting, and music. As passionate advocates for Zimbabwean culture, we are delighted to introduce you to our Mapiti collection of animal carvings. Over the past thirty years, we have curated a diverse range of carvings, showcasing the exceptional talent of Shona and Ndebele sculptors.

Our collection features a variety of animals, each meticulously crafted with love and attention to detail. From the majestic Kudu to the elusive Hyena, these carvings are not easily found elsewhere. We specifically commissioned many of these pieces to ensure their availability in our collection.

Most of the animals in our collection are carved from high-quality green and brown verdite, a beautiful stone that lends itself perfectly to the art form. The skill and artistry of the sculptors shine through in each piece, captivating viewers with their intricate designs.

In our articles, we not only showcase the beauty of these carvings but also highlight how they harmoniously blend into the Mapiti collection. Each sculpture tells a story, reflecting the rich cultural heritage of Zimbabwe. By collecting these unique pieces, you not only bring home a cherished memento but also support the local sculptors, providing them with a vital source of income.

While the sculptors' names are often not marked on the carvings, their absence does not diminish their value. Each piece is a testament to the sculptors' skill and creativity, making it a valuable addition to any art collection.

As you explore our Mapiti collection, we hope you find inspiration and appreciation for the artistry that emanates from Zimbabwe. These carvings are not only a reflection of the country's natural beauty but also a celebration of its rich cultural heritage.

And our commitment to Zimbabwean art doesn't stop at animal carvings. We also invite you to discover our wide range of paintings, music, and handicrafts, all of which contribute to the vibrant artistic tapestry of Zimbabwe. By immersing yourself in the diverse art forms of this incredible country, you will enhance your trip and create lasting memories.

Join us in supporting these talented sculptors and ensuring the continued flourishing of this ancient art form. By collecting a piece from our Mapiti collection, you will not only take home a unique work of art but also carry a piece of Zimbabwe's rich cultural heritage with you.

Unfortunately, the sculptors rarely marked their carvings with their names. However, this does not diminish the value or significance of each piece. Enjoy exploring the articles below, where we delve deeper into the captivating world of our animal carvings in the Mapiti collection.