Monkey Family
Shona stone Sculpture

Black serpentine Shona sculpture from Zimbabwe

About 25cm in height

Sculptor Cyril Mangenda


Mapiti collection

Sculptor Cyril Mangenda

Baboon before polishing


A short video showing Cyril at work

A short poem contributed by Chatgpt celebrating the Monkey in Zimbabwe

In Zimbabwe, where wilderness holds sway, Where nature's tapestry paints vibrant scenes, Baboons emerge, in troops, to seize the day, Their playful antics, wild and full of dreams.

With fur of gold, and faces wise and old, They scamper through the trees with nimble grace, Their voices echo through the valleys bold, As they traverse their ancestral space.

Oh, baboons of Zimbabwe, free and strong, In ancient woodlands, you find your delight, Your bonds of family, resilient, long, Reflecting wisdom in each ancient rite.

From rocky outcrops to the river's edge, Baboons embody nature's timeless pledge.

With nimble fingers and inquisitive eyes, They forage for the treasures that sustain, Their clever minds, a source of great surprise, As they adapt to life's ever-changing terrain.

In sun-soaked realms where acacia trees stand tall, Baboons explore, their lives a grand parade, Bounding and leaping, they conquer it all, Their energy never wanes or starts to fade.

Zimbabwe, where baboons hold their domain, Your ancient lands, their playground and their ""Home"", In harmony with nature, they remain, A testament to wildness yet to roam.

So let us honor these creatures so dear, The baboons of Zimbabwe, bold and near.