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Painting by Keith Zenda is an online platform developed collaboratively by several artists in partnership with

It is dedicated to showcasing and promoting art, with a special emphasis on the vibrant and dynamic art scene of Zimbabwe. Currently, the platform is focusing on the works of three prominent Zimbabwean artists: Tonderai Mujuru, Keith Zenda, and Barry Lungu. This initiative not only highlights the rich cultural heritage of Zimbabwean art but also aims to support these artists in their creative endeavors.

Promoting Zimbabwean Art

Painting by Keith Zenda brings Zimbabwean art to the forefront, offering a global stage for artists who might otherwise remain underrepresented. The platform's current promotion of Tonderai Mujuru, Keith Zenda, and Barry Lungu serves as a testament to the exceptional talent found within Zimbabwe. Each artist brings a unique perspective and style, enriching the art world with their distinctive creations.

Tonderai Mujuru

Tonderai Mujuru's art is a vivid portrayal of the country's landscapes and fauna, rendered with meticulous attention to detail and a deep appreciation for nature. Mujuru specializes in charcoal and pastels. He also excels in commissioned pet portraits, showcasing his versatility and skill in capturing the unique character of animals.


Keith Zenda


 Keith Zenda is known for his innovative approach to contemporary art. His pieces often explore themes of identity, social change, and the human condition. Zenda's work is characterized by bold expressions and a keen eye for detail, making his art both thought-provoking and visually striking.

Barry Lungu

Barry Lungu' is celebrated for its profound connection to Zimbabwean culture and traditions. His art often reflects the everyday life and spiritual beliefs of his community, using vibrant colors and intricate patterns to convey powerful stories and emotions.

Image Supporting Artistic Excellence

A subsidiary of, plays a crucial role in supporting the artists promoted on the main platform. The primary purpose of is to provide financial assistance to these artists, enabling them to focus entirely on producing high-quality work. By alleviating the financial pressures often faced by artists, ensures that Mujuru, Zenda, and Lungu can continue to create without constraints.

Facilitating Exhibitions and Sales

Tonderai Mujuru Exhibited
at Andakulova Gallery Dubai UAE
Keith Zenda Exhibited at
Cipriarte Gallery Venice Italy
Barry Lungu Exhibited at
Casa del Arte Palma/Spain also assists in exhibiting and selling the artists' paintings. By managing the logistics and marketing aspects, allows the artists to reach a broader audience and gain the recognition they deserve. This collaborative effort not only helps in showcasing their work but also in establishing their market value.

Building Value and Fame

Through these initiatives, and aim to elevate the prices of the artworks to reflect their true value. By promoting the artists on an international platform and supporting them financially, the organizations help the artists gain the fame they deserve in the global art world. This approach not only benefits the artists but also enriches the cultural landscape by bringing Zimbabwean art to a wider audience.

Drawing by Barry Lungu, with the support of, is making significant strides in promoting Zimbabwean art and supporting its artists. By focusing on the works of Tonderai Mujuru, Keith Zenda, and Barry Lungu, the platform highlights the richness of Zimbabwean culture and provides these artists with the means to continue producing exceptional art. Through their efforts, and are ensuring that the value of Zimbabwean art is recognized and appreciated worldwide.

Paintings by Tonderai Mujuru

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