Shona stone Sculpture

Green Verdite Shona sculpture from Zimbabwe

55cm in height 

Sculpture not signed


Mapiti collection

Lion painted by Barry Lungu


A short poem contributed by Chatgpt for the love of the Lion

On Zimbabwe's plains, where the grasses sway, A king roams free, with a mighty sway, His roar echoes far, across the land, A symbol of power, bold and grand.

The Shona people know this beast well, For they have lived beside him, hear his spell, They honor him, with tales and songs, And respect the lion's ancient bonds.

In golden light, he stands supreme, A golden coat, a fierce gleam, His eyes hold secrets, deep and wise, A hunter's gaze, that never dies.

But the lion knows his place in life, He hunts to feed, and guards his strife, And though he's feared, he's also loved, By those who've seen him, and have moved.

For in this land of beauty rare, The lion stands, as lord and fair, A symbol of Zimbabwe's wild grace, And a proud emblem of Shona's noble race.

Leo - Charcoal on A1 Paper - Tonderai Mujuru