Shona stone Sculpture

Black Serpentine Shona sculpture from Zimbabwe

A Zebra with its foal standing at 65cm in height

Sculpture not signed


Mapiti collection

Painting byTonderai Mujuru

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A short poem contributed by Chatgpt celebrating the Zebra

On Africa's plains, where the sun beats down, A creature runs, with grace and speed so true, A zebra stands, with stripes that make it crown, A picture of the wild, so strong and new.

Its size is small, compared to other beasts, Yet still it thrives, with power and with might, And when danger comes, it faces it, at least, And stands its ground, with all its will and fight.

For though it may seem meek, it's strong inside, With muscles taut, and bones so firm and sound, It'll take on lions, with a brave-eyed pride, And fight them off, with all its strength unbound.

So let us honor this great beast, so wild, And marvel at its power, like a child.