Shona stone Sculpture

Dark green Verdite Shona sculpture from Zimbabwe

25cm in height.

Sculptor Cyril Mangenda


Mapiti collection

Sculptor Cyril Mangenda

Sculpture before carving

Hyena before1

A short poem contributed by Chatgpt celebrating the Hyenas in Zimbabwe

 In Zimbabwe, where twilight's shadows blend, A creature roams with laughter in the night, The hyena prowls, its laughter to transcend, A symbol of resilience, dark and light.

With mottled coats that mimic moonlit skies, They haunt the savannah with stealthy grace, Their piercing eyes, a glint of wildness lies, As they embrace the darkness, a secret chase.

Oh, hyenas of Zimbabwe, bold and strong, Your laughter echoes through the midnight air, Survivors in a world where you belong, Endurance etched in every fiber, rare.

From ancient lands where stories intertwine, You roam with courage, in the face of strife, In harmony with nature's grand design, A dance of shadows, eternal in life.

Zimbabwe, where hyenas roam the night, They teach us lessons hidden out of sight.

A short video showing Cyril at work