Shona stone Sculpture

Green Verdite Shona sculpture from Zimbabwe

120cm in height 

Sculpture not signed

Sculpted from one piece of Verdite stone 


Mapiti Collection

Ostrich Mapiti


A short poem contributed by Chatgpt celebrating the Ostrich in Zimbabwe

On Zimbabwe's plains, where the sun beats down, A creature runs, with speed and grace so true, An ostrich stands, with beauty all around, A symbol of the land, so wild and new.

Its feathers fine, a plume of majesty, Its eyes so large, with wonder and with sight, And when it runs, it's like a symphony, A dancer of the wild, with strength and might.

Its eggs so large, a wonder to behold, A mother's love, so fierce and true, And though it seems so strong, so brave, so bold, Its world is one of danger, through and through.

So let us honor this great bird, so rare, And cherish all its beauty, beyond compare.