Shona stone Sculpture

Brown Verdite Shona sculpture from Zimbabwe

10cm in height 

Sculpture not signed

This type of crocodile sculpture is normally found made of wood and not of stone


Mapiti collection

A short poem contributed by Chatgpt celebrating Crocodiles in Zimbabwe

In Africa's rivers, where the waters flow, A creature lurks, so ancient and so bold, A crocodile stands, with power all aglow, A hunter of the wild, fierce and uncontrolled.

Its jaws so wide, a sight that chills the bone, Its eyes so cold, with hunger in their stare, And when it moves, it's like a silent stone, A master of the river, without compare.

Its tail so strong, it propels it through the waves, Its scales so tough, a shield against the prey, And when it hunts, it's like a dance that saves, A perfect predator, without delay.

So let us honor this great beast, so rare, And keep our distance, when it's in its lair.