Shona stone Sculpture

Green Verdite Shona sculptures from Zimbabwe

The large one stands at about 60 cm and probably weighs near to 200kg.  It took 4 very strong young men to carry it.

The smaller sculpture stands at round 12 cm and is obviously much lighter.

Only the smaller sculpture is signed.  It was sculpted by Herbert Gonzo in 1991.

The Rhino is an animal that is often sculpted as it is in great demand.  It is also important in the mythology.  Below you will find the Rhino Spirit Man sculpted by Sampson Kuvenguhwa.  


Mapiti collection

A poem celebrating the Rhino, contributed by Chatgpt

In Africa's wilds, where the sun beats down, A creature roams, so rare and full of might, A rhino stands, with horn so strong and brown, A picture of the land's majestic sight.

Its skin is thick, a shield against the fray, Its eyes so small, yet keen to every sound, Its form so big, so sturdy in its way, A symbol of the wild, so wild and profound.

And yet, for all its strength, it is in danger, For men with greed, and madness in their mind, Will seek its horn, for nothing but their purpose, A foolish quest, to seek what they can't find.

So let us honor this great beast, with care, And keep it safe, so all the world may share.

The Rhino

Charcoals on paper
Rhinos are gentle creatures. ❤️ It's so sad that these innocent beautiful animals are on verge of extinction....lest we join hands and protect them.
They have been around for millions of years and their only real threat is humans.
Say no to poaching.
I just played my part as a pencil Knight , play yours

Tonderai Mujuru

Rhino small 1700 x 1300 px 500 x 1000 px 900 x 1200 px