Shona stone sculpture

Green Verdite Shona sculpture from Zimbabwe

45cm in height to the top of the horns

Sculpture not signed


Mapiti collection

A poem contributed by Chatgpt to celebrate the Waterbuck

In Zimbabwe's savannah, where the grasses sway, A creature runs, with grace and speed so bold, A waterbuck, with beauty on display, Its form so sleek, a sight to behold.

It moves with ease, across the golden plains, Its coat so fine, with colors dark and light, And when it senses danger, it refrains, And bolts for water, with all its might.

For in the water, it finds its safety, Its strength is speed, and its will to survive, And so it plunges, with graceful majesty, To live another day, and stay alive.

So let us honor this great beast, so fleet, And cherish all the beauty that we meet.