Shona stone Sculpture

Tobacco Leaf Verdite Shona sculpture from Zimbabwe

Sculpted by Herbert Gonzo in 1991.

10cm in height.

Hippo sculptures are not common so we were lucky to find this one in the local market in Harare.


Mapiti collection

A short poem celebrating Hippos in Zimbabwe, contributed by Chatgpt

In Zimbabwe's rivers, where the waters flow, A beast of might, the hippo reigns supreme, A creature of the deep, with power to show, But when they have young, they're a terror extreme.

With massive jaws, and teeth that cut like knives, The hippo guards its young with fierce intent, And woe to any creature that survives, The fury of this wild beast's lament.

For though they may seem slow, and gentle too, Hippo mothers will protect with all their might, And challenge any foe, that dares to pursue, Their young, with a mother's love and a fighter's sight.

So let us honor these beasts of the deep, And marvel at their power, in the river's keep.