The Cheetah
Shona stone Sculpture

Green Verdite Shona sculpture from Zimbabwe

25cm in height to it's withers.

Sculptor Cyril Mangenda


Mapiti collection

Sculptor Cyril Mangenda

This Poem contributed by Chatgpt celebrates the beautiful Cheetah in Zimbabwe

In Zimbabwe, where golden savannas gleam, Roams a creature swathed in graceful might, With every stride, a fleeting, endless dream, A symbol of speed, the cheetah takes flight.

Born to the land where mighty rivers flow, This feline champion claims its regal throne, Its coat adorned with patterns, nature's show, The cheetah reigns, a monarch all its own.

In golden hues, its coat, a work of art, A tapestry of spots, so rich and rare, In dappled shade, it blends with Earth apart, A hunter's stealth, an image to ensnare.

Oh, Zimbabwe, blessed with nature's grace, The cheetah runs, an emblem of your embrace.

Through grassy plains, where gazelles swiftly dart, The cheetah prowls, a master of the chase, Its sinewy frame, a testament to art, As it embraces speed with measured grace.

With liquid eyes, it scans the golden plains, Tracking prey with instinct honed through time, A fleeting shadow, untamed and unrestrained, It embodies Africa's untamed prime.

Zimbabwe, your savannas bear witness, To the cheetah's raw and unyielding power, A symbol of resilience, fearless and blessed, Roaming your lands, where triumphs flower.

So let us marvel at this living gem, The cheetah's spirit, Zimbabwe's emblem.

A short video showing Cyril at work