Shona stone Sculpture


Green Verdite Shona sculpture from Zimbabwe

30cm in height 

Sculpture not signed

A family of 3 Warthogs on a beautifully carved verdite ledge


Mapiti collection


A short poem contributed by Chatgpt celebrating the Warthogs in Zimbabwe

On Zimbabwe's plains, where the grasses sway, A creature roams, with tusks so strong and bold, A warthog stands, with courage on full display, A symbol of the wild, so wild and old.

Its hide so coarse, a shield against the fray, Its snout so long, a hunter's tool so keen, And when it moves, it's like a dance at play, A creature of the wild, so rough and mean.

But though it may seem meek, in town or street, This creature's world is one of danger and threat, For it's still a wild animal, with force to meet, And woe to any foe, that dares to upset.

So let us honor this great beast, with care, And respect its wildness, so rare and fair.