Shona stone Sculpture

Green Verdite Shona sculpture from Zimbabwe

A family of 4 Kudu extemely beautifully carved.

The carving stands at about 1 meter in height.

Sculpture not signed


Mapiti collection

A poem contributed by Chatgpt describing the beauty of the Kudu in Zimbabwe

In Zimbabwe's savannah, where the grasses grow, A creature roams, with grace and might and charm, A beauty rare, with colors all aglow, A kudu stands, a creature born to harm.

Its antlers curve, a crown of noble grace, Its eyes are keen, a hunter's sharp regard, Its form so sleek, so full of strength and pace, A creature of the wild, so fair and hard.

It leaps with ease, and moves with gentle stride, A perfect picture of the African land, And when it runs, with all its force and pride, Its beauty shines, like jewels in the sand.

So let us honor this majestic beast, And treasure it forever in our hearts, at least.