Shona stone Sculpture

Brown Verdite Shona sculpture from Zimbabwe

40cm in height 

Sculpture not signed

Each marking made seperatly by hand


Mapiti collection


A short poem contributed by Chatgpt to celebrate the Leopard in Zimbabwe

In Africa's wilds, where the sun beats down, A creature roams, so fast and free, A leopard stands, with beauty all around, A picture of the wild, so wild and free.

Its coat so fine, a pattern of delight, Its eyes so keen, with secrets deep inside, And when it moves, it's like a stroke of light, A dancer of the wild, with grace and pride.

But though it's fast, and full of strength and might, This creature's world is one of danger and dread, For men will seek its coat, to wear at night, A foolish quest, that leaves it all but dead.

So let us honor this great beast, so fair, And keep it safe, so it may always be there.