Shona stone Sculptures

The elephant is probably the most carved animal in Zimbabwe. It is also probably the most sought after animal by tourists or locals looking to take a piece of Zimbabwe ""Home"" with them. The pieces are carved out of many types of stones. In the examples shown here, you will find pieces sculpted from green verdite as well as different colored Serpentine. The carvings stand at around 50 cm and quite often show mothers with their children. Earlier on, the tusks were made of ivory but with the banning of the use of ivory, the tusks are now made out of other materials.

Most of the pieces are not signed by the sculptors. 


Green Verdite - Artist Leenos Dube - early 1990's

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Victoria Falls Safari Lodge View by Barry Lungu

Victoria Falls lodge

For the love of Elephants - Tonderai Mujuru

Screenshot 2023 12 01 at 07 52 59 Tonderai Mujuru MujuArt tonderaimujuru Instagram Profil

A short poem contributed by Chatgpt celebrating the Elephants in Zimbabwe

In the wild they roam, A mighty sight to behold. Gentle giants, yet so strong, Their memory never grows old.

With trunks that reach so far, And ears that flap with glee, Elephants are a wonder, As graceful as can be.

Their tusks a work of art, And their size an awesome thing, Elephants are truly amazing, A symbol of power and kings.

So let us honor these great beasts, And protect them with our might, For the world is richer with elephants, A glorious, wondrous sight.