Sculpture of Persons

Various artists!

A small selection of  sculptures depicting persons in day to day life in our Mapiti collection.

Our collection of sculptures of persons

In Zimbabwe, where culture meets art, The sculptors create with a talent so rare. Their work, a reflection of the heart, And the people they see, with a vision to share.

The busts, with their intricate detail, Capturing the essence of a person's being. Their expressions, a story to unveil, And their character, a symbol of what they're seeing.

The full sculptures, with their everyday life, Depicting people in their natural state. A mother with her child, a man with his wife, A reminder of the simple beauty that's innate.

In Zimbabwe, where art meets culture, The sculptors create, with a passion so pure. Their work, a reflection of their daily life, And a tribute to the people, with all their strife.

So let us celebrate their work with pride, And the beauty that comes with every stride.