In Zimbabwe's land, where the sun beats down, A sculpture stands, with beauty and with grace, An older man, his call so full of sound, A symbol of the land, so wild and free.

With outstretched arm, he calls out to the sky, His voice so strong, with urgency and care, And in his eyes, we find a world awry, A land in need, that's full of pain and fear.

But though his call is urgent, and so true, His face is one of strength, and full of pride, For he's a man, who knows just what to do, To help his kin, and those who are beside.

And in his form, we find a world of art, Of Shona sculpture, with its skill so rare, A beauty that's a symbol of the heart, And all the strength, that's always waiting there.

So let us honor this great work, with care, And cherish all the beauty, that it bears.



Brown verdite is a popular material used in Shona sculpture from Zimbabwe, often depicting a range of subjects including people, animals, and abstract forms. The "person calling" sculpture is a beautiful example of this unique art form.

Brown verdite stone carving. Click here to learn about the stones used in Zimbabwe by sculptors.

Artist unknown!   Stands about 30cm high.