Older Man


In Zimbabwe, where respect is earned, The elders are honored, and their wisdom is revered. Their faces carved in stone, a lesson learned, To remind us of their legacy, and all they persevered.

The lines etched deep, with every curve and stroke, A reminder of the stories they can tell. Their eyes, a reflection of the wisdom they spoke, A lifetime of knowledge, that served them well.

Their wrinkles, a symbol of their journey's path, And the beauty that comes with aging grace. Their legacy, a reminder of the aftermath, Of a life well-lived, and the lessons we should embrace.

In Zimbabwe, where tradition is strong, The elders are respected, and their stories are told. Their carved faces, a tribute to where they belong, And a reminder of the value of growing old.

So, let us cherish the elders and their ways, And honor their wisdom throughout all our days.


A beautiful Shona sculpture crafted from brown verdite depicts the dignified figure of an older man. The artist has captured the wisdom and strength of age in the man's face and posture, while the rich color of the stone adds to the sculpture's natural beauty. This piece is a testament to the artistic skill and cultural significance of Shona sculpture.

Brown serpentine stone carving. Click here to learn about the stones used in Zimbabwe by sculptors.

Artist unknown!   Stands about 55cm high.