Mirrored Face


In Zimbabwe, where art and culture meet, A Shona sculptor wields his chisel and mallet. Two faces joined in perfect symmetry, Their mirrored image a sight to behold, no palette.

Each curve and line, a perfect match, As if they were one, not two at all. The sculptor's skill, a fine hatch, Brings life to stone, with every stroke and call.

Their features merge, a perfect blend, As if they were always meant to be. Two souls joined, until the very end, Their love forever, for all to see.

In Zimbabwe, where art is a way of life, This mirrored face, a symbol of love and strife. A testament to the sculptor's skill, And a reminder that love can conquer all, if we will.


Shona sculpture often explores duality and balance, with many pieces featuring mirrored or paired forms. The "two faces mirrored in a sculpture" is a striking example of this, although the artist is unknown. Discover more about the themes and cultural significance of Shona sculpture, including the use of mirrored forms, at our website

Sculpture not signed.  Sculpted in brown Serpentine stone.  To learn about different stones used in Zimbabwe please click here.

Stands about 30cm high.