3 Faces


In Zimbabwe's land, where the sun beats down, A culture thrives, with art so full of grace, Shona sculpture stands, with beauty all around, A symbol of the land, so wild and free.

With three faces rare, it tells a tale so true, Of thoughtful minds, at rest with all they see, And when we gaze, we find a world anew, A land of beauty, full of mystery.

The first face speaks, of wisdom and of age, Of stories told, and lessons to be learned, The second face, a picture of a sage, Of restful minds, with knowledge to be earned.

And in the third, we find a peaceful grace, A symbol of a land that's unconfined, A beauty rare, that never leaves its place, And in our hearts, it always stays enshrined.


Shona sculpture is a traditional art form from Zimbabwe that has gained international recognition for its unique style and cultural significance. The "3 faces sculpture" is a beautiful example of this art form, although the artist is unknown. Explore more about the history and cultural significance of Shona sculpture in our website.

Steatite stone carving. Click here to learn about the stones used in Zimbabwe by sculptors.

Artist unknown!   Stands about 60cm high.