In Zimbabwe, where history meets art, A warrior stands, sculpted in green verdite. His chiseled form, a masterpiece apart, With wonderful precision, a great work in sight.

His eyes, focused, his stance, defensive, As if he's protecting ""Great Zimbabwe"". His muscles flexed, his spear, offensive, A symbol of strength and courage, as we know.

The verdite, a stone of great worth, Has been transformed into a work of art. A tribute to the land that gave it birth, And to the people who play their part.

In Zimbabwe, where the past and present meet, This warrior stands, a symbol of power and defeat. His sculpted form, a testament to skill and art, And a reminder of the strength within every heart.


Zulu culture is known for its rich history and tradition of warriors, and many artists have created sculptures that celebrate this heritage. The "great Zulu warrior" sculpture is a powerful representation of this cultural tradition, although the sculptor is unknown. Discover more about the cultural significance of Zulu warriors and the art of sculpture in African cultures at our website

Green Verdite stone carving. Click here to learn about the stones used in Zimbabwe by sculptors.

Artist unknow!   Stands about 95cm high.

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