Here a wooden sculpture stands tall. A lady, entwined with cloth that clings, As if she's freeing herself from it all.

Her face serene, her eyes fixed ahead, As if she's gazing towards a brighter tomorrow. Her form graceful, and her stance widespread, As if she's ready to break free from all sorrow.

The cloth that binds her, a symbol of the past, And the pose, a symbol of hope and change. Her strength, a reminder that freedom will last, And that nothing can keep the human spirit in chains.

This lady stands tall, a symbol of hope and peace. Her wooden form, a reminder of the pains, And the triumphs that lead to freedom's release.

This sculpture, a symbol of hope!


This large wooden sculpture portrays a beautiful lady with flowing hair, exuding a sense of freedom and joy. The artist has captured the essence of movement in her dynamic pose, as if she is dancing. The use of wood as the medium adds to the natural feel of the sculpture, making it seem almost alive. It is a testament to the artist's skill and ability to create a piece that conveys a sense of life and energy. Whether viewed up close or from afar, this sculpture is a captivating work of art.

Wood sculpture standing 2m 60cm.

Artist unknown!