Sunny face


In Zimbabwe, where the sun shines bright, The people are known for their joyful spirit. Their sculpting style, a reflection of their delight, With each piece, their happiness, they exhibit.

The sunny face, a symbol of their joy, Carved from stone, with a beaming smile. It's hard to resist, its happiness you can't destroy, A reminder to embrace life, and forget for a while.

Their art reflects the beauty of their land, And the warmth of their people's heart. It's hard not to fall under its magical wand, And feel the joy of life, and play a part.

In Zimbabwe, where happiness is a way of life, The sunny face, a reminder to smile and thrive. To embrace the sun and all that's bright, And let happiness shine, both day and night.

Shona sculpture from Zimbabwe often captures the joy and optimism of its subjects, including people, animals, and abstract forms. The "sunny happy face carving" is a delightful example of this art form, although the artist is unknown. Learn more about the cultural significance of Shona sculpture and the emotions often portrayed in this art form at our website

 Brown Serpentine stone carving. Click here to learn about the stones used in Zimbabwe by sculptors.

Artwork unsigned!   Stands about 55cm high.