In Zimbabwe's land, where the sun beats down, A sculpture stands, with beauty all around, A poor hunter, his clothes all tattered and torn, Surrounded by dogs, who've shared his hunt with scorn.

With head held high, he carries his bounty ""Home"", A prize so rare, that's worth the risk to roam, And in his eyes, we find a world of need, A family waiting, with mouths to feed.

But though his clothes are ragged, and his life is hard, His spirit's strong, and full of a courage so rare, For he's a man, who's never lost his guard, And every day, he finds a way to care.

And in his dogs, we find a world of love, Of loyal friends, who share his hunt with grace, A beauty that's a symbol of the heart, And all the strength, that's always in their place.

So let us honor this great work, with care, And cherish all the beauty, that it bears.



Shona sculpture from Zimbabwe often depicts everyday life and the struggles of the people. The "poor hunter with dogs" sculpture is a poignant example of this. Explore more about the cultural significance of Shona sculpture and the themes often depicted in this art form in our website.

Steatite stone carving. Click here to learn about the stones used in Zimbabwe by sculptors.

Artist - T. Njanji!   Stands about 65cm high. Bought at Vic Falls

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