Zimbabwean Sculptures

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The world of sculptures in our Mapiti collection


Various Zimbabwe Sculptures

Mapiti Collection

Painting by Barry Lungu - 2022

The locals in Zimbabwe carve animals as part of their traditional art form known as Shona sculpture. This art form originated from the Shona people of Zimbabwe and has been passed down through generations. Shona sculptures typically depict animals and other natural elements such as people, plants, and landscapes.

The Shona people believe that sculptures have spiritual power and can be used for healing and other rituals. The sculptures are also seen as a way of connecting with the natural world and preserving their cultural heritage.

In addition to their cultural significance, Shona sculptures have also gained recognition as an important form of contemporary art. The intricate details and unique forms of the sculptures have attracted art collectors and enthusiasts from around the world.

Therefore, carving animals is an integral part of the Shona sculpture tradition and serves both cultural and artistic purposes. By incorporating animals into their sculptures, the locals in Zimbabwe can capture the beauty and majesty of the wildlife in their natural habitat and express their artistic creativity.


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