Maintenance of sculptures

If you want to keep your indoor pieces looking their best, a soft wet towel should do the trick to remove dust. The polish should last for a long time, but if it fades on smaller pieces, you can restore it by heating the piece with an oven or hair dryer and applying a natural wax, like a stone wax polisher.

However, maintaining larger outdoor pieces can be challenging, especially if you need to heat a 1-meter statue. We've found that applying a gloss paint for stones can achieve a great shine that lasts.

If you experience breakages, don't worry! While the sculpture may lose some value, it can still be valuable to collectors. We recommend using a 2-component glue to repair the piece and painting it with gloss paint for easier maintenance. Alternatively, you can attempt to repolish it.

Take a look at this piece from Sam Kuve, a Shona sculptor. Despite being damaged, we were able to repair it with glue and gloss paint without affecting its beauty or value. The piece still tells the same story from Sam's Shona traditions.