Sculpture of items

Various artists!

A small selection of  sculptures depicting day to day items in our Mapiti collection.

Our collection of sculptures of items

In Zimbabwe, where art meets life, The sculptors create, with a talent so rare. Their work, a reflection of their daily strife, And the beauty that they're able to share.

From chess sets to everyday tools, The sculptures, a symbol of the land. Their beauty, a reminder of the rules, And the talent, that's been handed down by hand.

The toys, with their simple and charming look, Carved from stone, with a skill so pure. Their shapes, a tribute to the lives they took, And the memories, that they're able to secure.

The music instruments, with their rhythmic sound, Crafted from wood, with a passion so true. Their notes, a tribute to the joy that's found, And the beauty, that's shared with me and you.

In Zimbabwe, where art meets culture, The sculptors create, with a passion so pure. Their work, a reminder of the beauty that's free, And the talent, that's passed down by degree.

So let us cherish the beauty, that they create, And the talent, that they so generously demonstrate.