The Shoe

In Zimbabwe, where memories reside, A worn-out shoe, discarded in the bush. Carved from black serpentine stone, with pride, A reminder of youth, and the stories we could push.

The shoe, with its battered and worn-out look, Tells a story of a life that's been lived. Its shape, a reflection of the journey it took, And the memories, that it's left us with.

The carving, a tribute to the shoe, And the lives that it's touched along the way. A reminder of the past, and all that's true, And the moments that have led us to today.

In Zimbabwe, where memories abound, The shoe carving, a symbol of the ground. A reflection of the journey, that we've all been through, And a reminder of the lessons, that we've learned anew.

So let us cherish the memories, that we hold dear, And the stories that we tell, with a smile or tear.


This sculpture of a discarded shoe is a stunning replica of a common sight in Zimbabwe, where worn-out shoes were often discarded in the bush or on the side of the road. The sculpture captures the beauty of the shoe's design, despite its worn and abandoned state. It serves as a powerful reminder of the struggles and resourcefulness of everyday people in Zimbabwe, who make do with what they have and find beauty even in the discarded and forgotten.

Serpentine stone carving. Click here to learn about the stones used in Zimbabwe by sculptors.


Sculpture not signed!   Stands about 6cm high.