A different type of Chess Set

In Zimbabwe, where art meets skill, A chess set, sculpted with precision and care. Each piece, a masterpiece, with its own thrill, Carved from stone, with a talent so rare.

The board, a match in stone, so grand, Mastered according to ""Great Zimbabwe"". A tribute to the land, to its people, so grand, And to the artists, who make their craft a show.

The knights, with their flowing mane, The pawns, with their determined stance. Each piece, with its own story to proclaim, A work of art, a labor of love and romance.

In Zimbabwe, where art meets culture, This chess set stands, a symbol of the nation. A testament to the talent that's nurtured, And a reminder of the power of imagination.

So let us marvel at the artists' creation, And the beauty that comes with dedication.

This unique chess set, discovered in a pawn shop, is a true gem. The intricate pieces, skillfully crafted to depict warriors, noble men, kings and queens from the Middle Ages, are a testament to the talent of the Shona sculptors who made them. The fact that the board itself is also a carving in soap stone, only adds to its value and rarity. It is a testament to the rich cultural heritage of Zimbabwe and the artistic traditions of the Shona people. We were lucky enough to acquire this set and have a beautiful and functional piece of art as well as a piece of history.

The board is made of the same soap stone as the pieces.

Soap stone carving. Click here to learn about the stones used in Zimbabwe by sculptors.

Artist unknown!   Largest pieces stand about 6cm high.