In Zimbabwe, where talent runs deep, The artists create, with their hands and their heart. Their wire art, a secret that they keep, And a reflection of the life they impart.

As children, they crafted simple things, From wires and sticks, with a love so true. Their toys, a symbol of the joy that it brings, And the passion, that they had to pursue.

Now, as adults, they've taken it further, Creating art, with wires so fine. Their talent, a tribute to their shared culture, And a reminder, of the childhood that's divine.

The motorbikes, with their intricate detail, Crafted from wire, with a skill so rare. Their curves, a symbol of the love that's real, And the passion, that they put into each affair.

The cars, with their classic and vintage look, Carved from wire, with a talent so pure. Their engines, a tribute to the memories they took, And the love, that they have for what's obscure.

In Zimbabwe, where art meets ingenuity, The wire artists create, with a passion so true. Their work, a reminder of the beauty that's free, And the memories, that we can pursue.

So let us celebrate their work with pride, And the beauty that comes with every stride. For in Zimbabwe, where talent meets life, Their wire art, a symbol of our shared strife.

 This stunning motorbike sculpture is made entirely of golden wire, carefully bent and crafted to capture the intricate details of a motorcycle. It evokes memories of the toys that resourceful children would make for themselves using whatever materials were available to them. However, this sculpture is far more intricate and detailed than any toy, showcasing the remarkable talent and creativity of the Shona sculptor who created it. Its unique blend of craftsmanship, creativity, and resourcefulness make it a truly special piece of art that is sure to delight and impress anyone who sees it.

Produced from copper wire and discarded rubber for the tyres, this work shows the talent of the Shona in Zimbabwe. 

Artist unknown!   Stands about 14 cm in height.