A Visit to Zimbabwe

How to travel to Zimbabwe

How do you get to Zimbabwe and how long does it take? See the people and enjoy Shona art as well as Shona and Ndebele culture.

How to travel to Zimbabwe

Our recent journey introduced us to Ethiopian Airlines, an experience marked by their modern, well-equipped aircraft designed for long-haul travel. Opting for business class while our children traveled in economy, we were pleasantly surprised by the affordability - the cost was about 40% lower compared to other carriers we considered. Although our layover in Addis Ababa involved an unexpected security recheck, despite all passengers arriving via Ethiopian Airlines, this minor inconvenience actually made our waiting time more interesting, offering a unique glimpse into the airport's operations.

The business class experience was exceptional, meriting a perfect score of 10 out of 10. From the exquisite meals to the punctuality of the flights and the seamless handling of our luggage, everything was top-notch. Meanwhile, in economy, our children reported a very comfortable flight that stood on par with other leading airlines they've flown with. Ethiopian Airlines proved to be a delightful discovery, blending value with quality service across both travel classes.

Given our positive experience, we highly recommend Ethiopian Airlines for travel to Harare. It not only offers a cost-effective option but also typically provides the quickest route. Their service quality across both business and economy classes ensures a comfortable journey, making it an excellent choice for reaching Zimbabwe's capital.