From Europe

The easiest way to get to Zimbabwe from Europe is by air, and the flight time can vary depending on the departure city and the airline.

from europe

Welcome to Harare - Painting by Barry Lungu

 On average, a direct flight from London to Harare takes around 9-10 hours, while a flight with a layover in another city such as Johannesburg or Dubai can take 11-14 hours. Some airlines that offer flights from Europe to Zimbabwe include British Airways, South African Airways, Emirates, and Air France.

If you're planning a trip to Zimbabwe or other African destinations, you should consider flying with Ethiopian Airlines. The airline has been steadily expanding its network and establishing itself as a major player in the African aviation industry. With a hub in Addis Ababa, Ethiopian Airlines offers convenient connections to various African countries, making it an ideal choice for travelers seeking a seamless travel experience. Although a stopover may be required, the travel time is often shorter than other options, and the layover times are usually more favorable. Ethiopian Airlines has a long and impressive history, having been founded in 1945, and has won several prestigious awards over the years, including the "Best Airline in Africa" accolade from Skytrax in 2020. With a focus on innovation, customer service, and safety, Ethiopian Airlines is a top-notch choice for your next African adventure.