Mana Pools National Park

This is a UNESCO World Heritage Site located in Northern Zimbabwe.

Zimbabwe Map3


It is especially known for its large elephant population.  You can also see other large mammals such as lions, leopards, buffaloes and hippos.  The park is also ""Home"" to a wide variety of bird species.

Mana Pools is also a popular destination for canoeing, as visitors can explore the Zambezi River and its tributaries, and see the wildlife from a different perspective. The park is also a great place for walking safaris, as visitors can explore the park on foot, guided by experienced guides.

Fishing is also a popular activity in Mana Pools, with many visitors coming to catch the famous tiger fish or vundu catfish.

Keep in mind that Mana Pools is a wilderness area and visitors should be prepared for the remoteness of the park and the rugged terrain. Also, like most national parks in Zimbabwe, there are strict rules and regulations regarding hunting, poaching, and wildlife protection, so visitors should be aware of these before planning a trip.

Combine what you see with sculptures from shona artists like Sam Kuve (Sampson Kuvenguhwa a great Shona Sculptor ) and fine arts artist like Barry Lungu - Shona artist from Harare Zimbabwe.  The work incorporates the real Zimbabwe feeling, the culture and the beliefs.  You will never forget the experience.