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Background - To support and make our webpage a little better known, we printed postcards with motives from Sampson Kuvenguhwa and Barry Lungu and gave them to Thandanani Moyo to distribute in Victoria Falls. He had become a good friend of my son who spent almost 2 months with him and his family and who had looked after him very well. The situation being really difficult in Zimbabwe we decided that the proceeds from the postcards that he sold would belong to him. It was a small drop of water on a fire that is really hard to extinguish.

A Trip to the Family of My Very Good Friend Thandanani in Hwange

Thandanai Foto large

When I told Barry  about my plan, he found the idea of the postcards to be very good but suggested we should do something for charity as well. Inspired by his suggestion, we set up a shop on Shopify and earmarked 50 percent of the proceeds from all sales for charity. This charity would specifically benefit Zimbabwe, and we decided to make donations annually.

Actions speak louder than words, and we wanted to ensure transparency in our giving process. That's why we created this page to showcase our turnover and provide details of the organizations and individuals who receive the proceeds. It's important to us that we not only talk about our intentions but also fulfill them.

Here  few of the postcards on offer:

The postcards, featuring the captivating artwork of our talented artists, will continue to be a part of our collection. In addition, we plan to expand our range to include other cards, such as Christmas cards, all adorned with the unique motives of our featured artists. We also want to involve our customers in the giving process by offering them the option to add their names when purchasing the cards, so that everyone can feel a part of our journey of giving.

By supporting our cause, you not only acquire beautiful pieces of art but also contribute to making a positive impact in Zimbabwe. Together, through the power of art and giving, we can make a difference in the lives of those who need it the most.