Exploring Zimbabwe: A Road Trip Adventure

Car Rental Experience with Europecar

Our journey through Zimbabwe began with a smooth car rental experience with Europecar. The service and conditions exceeded our expectations, with well-maintained vehicles and the option for additional drivers. Despite minor scratches, the cars were in good order, setting a positive tone for our road trip.

car 2

On the Road in Zimbabwe

Driving through Zimbabwe revealed a mix of road conditions. While some areas had excellent roads, others presented challenges like potholes. We encountered friendly locals at petrol stations, where we could quickly address issues like a flat tire for a reasonable cost.

The stretch from Hwange National Park to Victoria Falls proved to be the most demanding, with rough patches that required cautious driving. We learned the importance of daytime travel to navigate safely and avoid potential accidents.

Returning the Rental Cars

Upon reaching Victoria Falls airport, we returned the cars. Despite minor damages, the rental company handled the situation professionally, swiftly fixing a tire and a bumper at a reasonable cost. This experience highlighted the company's commitment to customer satisfaction.

Our road trip adventure in Zimbabwe not only showcased the country's diverse landscapes but also emphasized the significance of reliable transportation and safe driving practices. It was a journey filled with memorable encounters and valuable lessons, making it a trip to remember.