Our car trip from Masvingo to Harare - Surprises, Smooth Roads, and Exceptional Hospitality

Embarking on a road trip to  our first stop at ""Great Zimbabwe"", through Masvingo, we anticipated adventure, stunning landscapes, and perhaps a few unexpected twists. Little did we know that alongside the breathtaking sights, we would encounter rather good roads, friendly police, and hospitality beyond compare.

Despite passing through two or three police controls, we were pleasantly surprised by the professionalism and fairness of the officers. Their demeanor added a reassuring touch to our trip.

However, our first real surprise came when we realized the importance of checking the requirements for driving in Zimbabwe. It was only shortly before our departure that we discovered the necessity of an international driver's license. This essential document, though easily arranged, is a standard requirement across much of Africa. A lesson learned in the nick of time, ensuring our journey proceeded smoothly and legally.

In a video documenting our day trip, we captured the good condition of the road from Harare to Masvingo, showcasing the infrastructure that facilitates exploration in this beautiful country. Arriving in Masvingo, we were greeted by a vibrant city teeming with culture and history.

Yet, the true highlight of our trip was the discovery of a remarkable lodge, uncovered by Simone's diligent online search. From the moment we arrived, Ropa and her team treated us like royalty. Their warmth and attention to detail surpassed even the most luxurious five-star hotels we've experienced elsewhere.

In retrospect, our journey  was not just about the sights we saw, but the unexpected delights and hospitality that enriched our adventure. It served as a reminder that sometimes, the most memorable moments come from the people we meet and the unexpected surprises along the way.