Twin Sisters (Shona sculpture by Sampson Kuvenguhwa)

In this stunning Shona stone sculpture, master artist Sampson Kuvenguhwa has beautifully captured the essence of twin sisters. The intricate details of their matching  expressions, as well as the fluidity of the stone, make this piece truly remarkable.

As with much of Sam Kuve's work, this sculpture is created in his Mapiti style, which incorporates both traditional and modern techniques. The result is a truly unique piece of art that showcases the beauty and versatility of Shona sculpture.

The twin sisters depicted in this sculpture serve as a powerful reminder of the enduring bond between siblings, and of the importance of family and community in the Shona culture. With its timeless beauty and universal message, this sculpture is a testament to the power of art to bring people together and celebrate the human experience.


Sculpted by Sampson Kuvenguhwa - Sam Kuve. Stands about 80cm high.

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Bond of the close family in Shona culture