The Drummer (Shona sculpture by Sampson Kuvenguhwa)

In Shona and Ndebele culture, music plays an important role in everyday life, and percussion instruments like the drum are particularly revered. In his expertly crafted Shona stone sculptures, artist Sampson Kuvenguhwa pays tribute to the significance of the drum, often utilizing his unique Mapiti style to capture its spirit and energy.

Sam Kuve's attention to detail is evident in every aspect of his sculptures, from the intricate lines and curves that define the shape of the drum, to the carefully rendered features of the person carrying it. Made from high-quality stone and imbued with the power and beauty of African art, his sculptures are a testament to his skill as a Shona sculptor, and a stunning example of the significance of artistic expression in African culture.

Through his art, Sampson Kuvenguhwa celebrates the rich cultural heritage of the Shona people, and his work serves as a reminder of the importance of traditional music and artistic expression.



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The importance and meaning of  drums in the Shona and Ndebele culture.

Sculpted by Sampson Kuvenguhwa - Sam Kuve. Stands about 45cm high.