Shy Maiden (Shona sculpture by Sampson Kuvenguhwa)

Sampson Kuvenguhwa, a masterful Shona stone sculptor renowned for his Mapiti style, has created a beautiful sculpture that captures a moment of stillness and serenity. This particular shona stone sculpture, based on his personal experience, is a testament to his skill and vision.

The sculpture depicts a person in a state of deep reflection, with their head slightly tilted and their eyes closed. The lines and curves of the serpentine stone are expertly crafted, creating a sense of movement and flow that is both captivating and calming.

As with many of his other shona stone sculptures, Sam Kuve's work is deeply rooted in his cultural heritage. The rich history and traditions of the Shona people are reflected in his art, which is both authentic and inspiring.

The use of serpentine stone in this sculpture adds a depth and texture that is both beautiful and unique. Sampson Kuvenguhwa's attention to detail is evident in the subtle nuances of the stone, which create a sense of depth and movement that draws the viewer in.

If you appreciate the beauty and significance of Shona stone sculptures, then you'll love Sam's work. His pieces are truly works of art, capturing the spirit and culture of Zimbabwe in a way that is both authentic and inspiring.


Carved by Sam in the mid to late 90's.   Stands about 120cm high.

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Sam explained:

Tsika Dzavashona (Shona Culture)

According to our Shona Culture, when a lady is to be married to a man, her aunt will accompany her to her father in-law.  In excersing her first duties, she offers washing or bathing water to the father in-law first, and then continues down to the lowest ranked person. This reflects that the daughter in-law has accepted marriage. Unfortunately, in this particular case, the water intended for her aunt spilt. This is a very serious matter as the aunt is considered to be the most important person in the marriage formalities. According to Shona Culture this incident is so serious that it can lead to the daughter in-law being disqualified for marriage. She was, however, in this particular case, forgivn as she generally qualified for marriage.

Sculpted by Sampson Kuvenguhwa - Sam Kuve