Resting (Shona sculpture by Sampson Kuvenguhwa)

Sampson Kuvenguhwa, a master sculptor known for his unique Mapiti style, has created a breathtaking Shona sculpture of an older man resting under a tree. The attention to detail is truly remarkable, with every line and curve carefully crafted from a single piece of serpentine stone.

Kuvenguhwa's use of the different colours in the stone is particularly impressive. By playing with the natural variations in the stone, he has created a beautiful effect that highlights the textures and details of the sculpture.

As with many of his other Shona sculptures, Kuvenguhwa's work captures the essence of everyday life in Zimbabwe. This sculpture reminds us of the importance of taking a break and enjoying the natural world around us.

If you appreciate the beauty of Shona sculptures, then you'll love Kuvenguhwa's work. His pieces are truly works of art, capturing the spirit and culture of Zimbabwe in a unique and beautiful way.

So why not add a piece of African art to your collection? Invest in a Sampson Kuvenguhwa Shona sculpture today and experience the beauty and culture of Zimbabwe in your own ""Home"".

Resting new

Black Serpentine stone carving.

Sitting, resting, hungry stranger.

One of the first sculptures I collected from Sam.  Extremely beautiful.  Very straight lines.  Considering it was done by hand, it is unbelievable how straight he could carve. Sam produced this in the early 90's.   Stands about 1m20cm high.

The importance of rest and leisure in Shona culture