Preparing Dinner (Shona sculpture by Sampson Kuvenguhwa)

Food and mealtimes are an important part of Zimbabwean culture, and this is reflected in the work of Sampson Kuvenguhwa, a Shona artist known for his use of the Mapiti style. Kuvenguhwa's sculptures often portray everyday life experiences, including the preparation and sharing of food.

In Zimbabwe, the daily sustenance of the people is often centered around Sadza, a maize product that is typically eaten with meat or vegetables. Sadza is a staple food in Zimbabwe, and is often eaten at least once a day. The local people generally prefer white-colored maize for their Sadza.

Kuvenguhwa's sculpture of a man preparing a meal in the Mapiti style likely serves to highlight the cultural significance of food and mealtimes in Zimbabwean culture. The use of the Mapiti style, which is characterized by intricate and abstract designs, adds an element of complexity and emotional depth to the sculpture, emphasizing the cultural and emotional significance of the subject.

Through his art, Kuvenguhwa celebrates the importance of community and sharing in Zimbabwean culture, highlighting the traditions and values that are passed down through generations. The sculpture of the man preparing Sadza and meat likely serves as a reminder of the importance of food and mealtimes in bringing people together and fostering a sense of community and connection.

Overall, Kuvenguhwa's sculpture is a reflection of the everyday experiences and traditions of Zimbabwean culture, rendered in his unique Mapiti style. The sculpture captures the physical and emotional aspects of the subject, and serves as a celebration of the importance of food and mealtimes in Zimbabwean society.

Preparing Dinner2

Black Serpentine stone.  Click here to learn about the stones used in Zimbabwe by sculptors.

Sculpted by Sampson Kuvenguhwa - Sam Kuve. Stands about 20cm high.

Great importance of food and meal times