Falling Angel(Shona sculpture by Sampson Kuvenguhwa)

am's unique artistic vision is inspired by the multifaceted beliefs and traditions of the Shona culture. Drawing on these cultural influences, he has crafted a stunning Shona sculpture that depicts an angel seemingly falling from heaven to earth. This captivating piece is a tribute to the profound significance of faith and spirituality in Shona culture, and is a testament to Sam's exceptional talent as an artist. His Mapiti style infuses the sculpture with a powerful sense of identity and cultural heritage, capturing the essence of Shona beliefs and traditions. Join us on a journey of discovery and inspiration, as we explore the deep-rooted cultural significance of Sam's work, and how it embodies the spiritual beliefs and traditions of the Shona people.

Falling Angel1

The meaning of an Angel in Shona culture

Black Serpentine stone carving. Click here to learn about the stones used in Zimbabwe by sculptors.

Carved by Sampson Kuvenguhwa - Sam Kuve.  Stands about 45cm high.