Meet Keith Zenda: A Journey Through Art and Inspiration

 Keith Zenda, a talented artist from Zimbabwe, has been capturing the essence of his ""Home""land through vibrant artworks that tell stories of culture, tradition, and the human spirit. Featured on and the online gallery, Zenda's work offers a fresh perspective on Zimbabwean life and its rich heritage. We sat down with him to discuss his background, inspirations, and the role of art in society, especially during the holiday seasons.

During a delightful midday break, our film crew enjoyed a traditional Zimbabwean lunch of stew and Sadza at a local restaurant, sharing this moment with Tonderai Mujuru and Keith Zenda. These outstanding artists, known for their creativity and innovation, showcase their down-to-earth nature by blending seamlessly with everyone around them. Their collaboration highlights not just a commitment to artistic exploration but also emphasizes conservation in their work. This encounter reflects their belief that true art transcends monetary value, focusing instead on creativity and the collective nurturing of new ideas, underscoring their role as custodians of both culture and environment.



Background and Inspiration

Keith's journey into the art world was as natural as it was profound. "I was inspired to be an artist naturally," he shares. "I just discovered I can draw and mould small sculpture pieces of cattle and wrestlers." This innate passion for creation was the first step on a path filled with color, life, and expression.

Influence of Zimbabwean Culture

Zimbabwean culture, with its myriad of traditions and holiday customs, plays a pivotal role in Keith's art. He finds particular inspiration during the holiday seasons, observing people at bus stops and stations, ready to travel, and the diverse tribes and cultures in their unique attire. This vibrant social tapestry feeds into his work, adding depth and authenticity.

Creative Process

Describing his creative process, Keith reveals, "I first think of ideas and do the pencil sketch, then start the painting process from darkening to lightening, which mostly takes 3 to more days." This meticulous approach, from conception to completion, allows him to infuse his pieces with emotion and meaning.

Keithzende art
 (watch Keith on Instagram by clicking on the above picture as he helps his students with their paintings)
Favorite Medium and Techniques

A versatile artist, Keith enjoys working with oil, acrylic paints, and mixed media. He emphasizes the importance of flexibility and imagination in his work, stating, "I don’t limit my imagination."

Impact of Holidays

Zimbabwe's holidays, such as the Harare International Festival of the Arts (HIFA) and Independence Day, significantly influence Keith's artwork. HIFA presents an opportunity to showcase new techniques to a broader audience, while Independence Day inspires him to create pieces that celebrate freedom.

Community and Art

Keith believes art plays a crucial role in entertaining, healing, and bringing happiness to people. He remarks, "Art is a therapeutic way just looking at the beautiful art you feel good and happy, and the memories last forever."

Memorable Projects or Pieces

One of Keith's most memorable paintings was inspired by Zimbabwe's Independence Day, reflecting the nation's spirit of freedom and resilience.

Advice for Aspiring Artists

To aspiring artists, Keith offers this advice: "Think out of the box and don’t limit your imagination, always create something new and unique. This will open more opportunities for the market."

Keith Zenda's artistic vision and dedication to exploring the depths of Zimbabwean culture and human emotion make him a standout figure in the art world. His story and works are a testament to the power of art to connect, inspire, and transform.


With the fruits of his labor, Keith is laying the foundations for an art center in his ""Home""town of Gweru, a testament to his dedication to nurturing talent and fostering creativity within Zimbabwe. 


This visionary project aims to be a beacon for aspiring artists, offering them support and a space to thrive artistically. The photographs capture the center in its early stages of construction, symbolizing the growth and potential of Zimbabwe's artistic community through Keith's ambitious endeavor.

An interview with Keith in Harare February 2024