ARTIST'S STATEMENT issued by Barry Lungu on 23 January 2023 in Harare

My name is Barry Lungu. I am a post independent first generation Zimbabwean fine artist. I have been painting full time in the last 25years. I use my ""Home"" in the capital Harare as my studio.

My medium of choice is acrylic paint, but I often dabble in oils. The environment around me influences mywork. Everyday people going about their business,are a regular feature in my paintings. The buzz of the township forms influence for most of my works. My interest and challenge in creating art has been to capture the everyday elements of modern African life especially the busy market senes and the hustle and bustle of the continent's township landscape.I love to express contemporary experiences in acrylic paint applied with a brush and knife in a way that I could never describe in words. Figures in crowds are the main inspiration for my style.