Holidays in Zimbabwe - Fuse it with Art to never forget your holidays!

In Zimbabwe's land of wonder and delight, Where nature thrives in all its majesty, The beauty of its animals takes flight, And artistry abounds in melody.

The graceful giraffe, the mighty elephant, Roaming free on plains and in the wild, Their majesty a sight so eloquent, As nature's wonders are reconciled.

From ""Great Zimbabwe""'s ruins of olden days, To modern art that's born of ancient ways, The country's artists sing in harmony, Their works a symphony of colors bright.

Oh, Zimbabwe, your beauty knows no bounds, Your animals and art a wondrous sound, A tapestry of culture, sights, and scenes, A country filled with beauty so serene.


In all the parks, it is not only possible to see the big five on a reasonably consistent basis, one can also have good fortune and see animals such as the painted dogs, hyenas, hippos and much much more. The guides are extremely professional and know where to find the animals.  The bigger parks are Vic Falls, Matusadona (near to Vic Falls), Hwange, Mana Pools and South Gonarazhou but even more smaller parks exist and are definitly also worth a visit.