Barry Lungu: A Fusion of Artistic Flair and Philanthropy

At the heart of Africa, adjacent to the majestic Victoria Falls, the illustrious artist Barry Lungu presented an extraordinary amalgamation of artistic flair and philanthropy, leaving a profound impression on every attendee.

Barry received the distinguished honor of being invited to a special event near Victoria Falls. It was more than just an opportunity for him to exhibit and market his artwork; it was a platform where he showcased 20 of his exquisite paintings that vividly portrayed the essence of Zimbabwean life. These paintings spanned scenes from families cycling together, children immersed in soccer games, picturesque jacaranda-lined avenues, groups of men and women gathered on wooden benches sharing stories and laughter, children playing with their iconic wire-made toy cars, and men engrossed in newspapers. These vibrantly colored, lifelike masterpieces quickly found buyers, with numerous further inquiries pouring in shortly after their debut.

The paintings exhibited below:


Mandy Smith, a revered art critic from Zambia and a cherished friend of Barry's, made a special journey to attend the event. Her presence was marked by a heartfelt speech lauding Barry's artistic skills and his benevolent spirit. Through her words, she not only highlighted the brilliance of his artwork but also shed light on the profound significance of his charitable actions.

Introduction Video to the Event 


Yet, Barry's influence extended beyond his displayed art. He took on the meaningful role of mentoring the future generation by judging a children's coloring competition. The young participants enthusiastically colored pictures of elephants, pouring their imagination onto paper. Barry, drawing upon his deep artistic wisdom, faced the difficult task of selecting winners from this reservoir of emerging talent. The radiant faces of the children receiving their awards bore witness to the positive impact of such endeavors.


To culminate the event in a high note, Barry conducted a live painting demonstration at the Orange Elephant, the day after the exhibit. With a mere 20 minutes on the clock, he adeptly created a lively market scene brimming with color and energy.

Watch here the first five minutes.

This captivating piece was later auctioned, with all the proceeds generously donated to the Tirivanhu Centre for the mentally challenged in Ruwa.

 IMG 20230920 WA0032

Barry Lungu is not just an artist; he is a beacon of inspiration. His unwavering dedication to charitable causes, his nurturing approach towards emerging artists, and his unmatched artistic brilliance ensured that the event at Victoria Falls was etched in the annals of history.