Time to share

Barry Lungu's painting of two children sharing a bottle of Coke and a loaf of bread captures the essence of a heartwarming moment. The painting depicts the idea that this is a time of sharing. The two children sit close to each other, while they engage in conversation. The expressions on their faces are joyful and peaceful,  and the scene is bathed in a warm and welcoming light.

The painting is a testament to Barry Lungu's skill as an artist. He has expertly captured the light, shadows, and textures in the scene, giving the painting a sense of depth and realism. The attention to detail in the children's clothing and the items on the table is also impressive. Overall, the painting is a beautiful representation of the idea that food and drink bring people together, and it is sure to warm the hearts of all who see it.

If you are looking for a painting that will evoke feelings of warmth and togetherness, then Barry Lungu's painting of two children sharing tea and a loaf of bread is a perfect choice. The painting is a beautiful reminder that the simple act of sharing food and drink with others can create moments of joy and connection. Discover more about Barry Lungu and his heartwarming artwork today.

Oil + acrylic on canvas



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