Jacaranda Bouldevard

The vibrant blue-purple blooms of the jacaranda trees in Zimbabwe are a stunning sight to behold. In many of the cities, the boulevards are lined with these trees, creating a breathtakingly beautiful atmosphere. Barry Lungu, a talented Zimbabwean artist, has captured the essence of these jacaranda boulevards in his paintings.

Barry Lungu's paintings not only showcase the striking beauty of the jacaranda trees, but also feature everyday life in Zimbabwe.  He has skillfully balanced the liveliness of the streets and boulevards with a sense of tranquility and calmness in his paintings. He has achieved this by subtly minimizing the movement and adding a touch of peacefulness to his work, creating an uplifting and joyful feeling that is sure to please anyone who views it. He has incorporated ice cream vendors riding their bicycles, and people going about their daily routines. His paintings are so vivid and lifelike that they transport the viewer to the heart of the bustling streets.

If you want to experience the magic of the jacaranda trees in Zimbabwe, Lungu's paintings are the next best thing to being there. His work is a true reflection of the beauty and vitality of Zimbabwean culture and life.

Mapiti doesn't just have 1 Jacaranda but we are proud to own a total of 4 of Barry Lungu's paintings of Jacaranda - here the other 3.

Oil + acrylic on canvas



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