Chinoyi Caves

The Wonder Hole also known as the Chirorodziva Caves,  are a series of limestone caves near Chinoyi, Zimbabwe, featuring a unique "swallow hole" or collapsed roof that drops vertically for 150 feet to a crystal clear sleeping pool ideal for Scuba Diving. The caves are known for their unique rock formations and are a popular tourist attraction.

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The caves are also considered to be an important cultural and historical site, and were used by early inhabitants of the area as shelter and a place of worship. The caves got their traditional name ''Chiroorodziva''  from an incident that took place in the 1830s when the Angoni Tribe surprised people living near the caves and flung them into the pool, which resulted in the name "Pool of the Fallen." 

Visitors can explore the caves on guided tours, and there are also picnic and camping sites nearby.

The caves are also an important archaeological site, many artifacts and human remains have been found in the cave, these remains were dated back to the Iron age and early colonial period. The caves are also an important site for the study of the pre-colonial history of the area, and have provided valuable insights into the lives of the people who once lived there.